400167_10150619725793698_369690103_nThe good things that happen at STARS and the success of the people we serve would not be possible without the help of volunteers. STARS has a wide range of important volunteer opportunities that have a direct positive impact on people with developmental disabilities.  STARS’ volunteers are an integral part of providing quality services to this inspiring population; helping us further our mission to improve the lives of adults and teens with developmental and cognitive disabilities.  If you are interested in learning more about our volunteer opportunities please contact Anne, STARS Director of Advancement, at (480) 994-5704 or AGray@starsaz.org.

Volunteer Application

Volunteering for STARS Programs

By volunteering in one of STARS core programs and working hands on with the people we serve is crucial to helping them obtain their personal and professional goals.  Volunteers can help them reach these achievements by lending a helping hand in the following areas:

Work Center

By volunteering at either of our 2 Work Center locations you are helping individuals with developmental and cognitive disabilities earn a paycheck.

Drawn Together Art Program

Help our participants while they create some of the amazing works of art that our Drawn Together Program has become known for.

Day Programs

Spend some time in our Day Programs while participants cook lunch and health snacks, partake in educational training activities and go on community outings.  This is a great way to get to know all the individuals we serve.

Youth Program

Lend a helping hand with activities and during outings in our after-school youth program or during the seasonal program when they are on breaks from school.

*Volunteering on a recurring basis in our Programs requires a fingerprint clearance card, the expense for which, after a certain number of volunteer hours, will be reimbursed by STARS.

Volunteer for STARS Events

Whether it’s our annual Spring Fiesta STARS & Fashion Show, Stroll with the STARS or helping us put on a end of year or holiday party for the individuals we serve, volunteers are crucial to the success of the event.