Handlebar Helpers

Formerly a City of Scottsdale community assistance program, Handlebar Helpers is now operated by STARS as a job skills training program for individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities.

Handlebar Helpers:
• Provides STARS participants with job skills training in bicycle repair.
• Reconditions repairable bicycles.
• Accepts donations of used bicycles.
• Benefits STARS programs through sales of reconditioned bicycles.

The participants tasks will be disassembling bikes, cleaning and refurbishing bike parts, detail cleaning bikes, and reassembling a variety of different styles of bikes, and general cleaning, and shop maintenance.  Along with gaining skills specific to bicycles, the participants will also be garnering the necessary skills to work in a shop environment. Skills like maintaining a tidy workspace, keeping tools in assigned storage areas, finishing your task completely before moving on to the next, working with peers to accomplish a project, safety persuasions in an environment that has heavy tools, and time management.

Shop at Handlebar Helpers

Monday – Friday


Paiute Neighborhood Center |  6535 E. Osborn Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251.

To donate a used bicycle email us at handlebarhelpers@starsaz.org
*STARS is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization


Thank you Odelay Bagel Co for hosting our April Bike Sale.  The event was a smashing success for Handlebar Helpers and STARS!