048STARS’ Transitions Program provides a stepping stone between school and adulthood for students in high school through 18 months post graduation, a time that is filled with confusion, apprehension and a lack of coordinated services.  Programming is based at STARS, as well as, high school sites and is offered throughout the entire year including summer months and afterschool. The Transitions Program includes strategies such as one-on-one case management in areas such as academics, vocational and community/social strengths; free workshops to provide information regarding resources available to support families and youth; as well as our YATTP Program.


The Young Adult Training and Transitions Program (YATTP) provides an understanding of the workforce culture and allows individuals with developmental disabilities to gain non-task related skills and behaviors that will help them in adult life, after school ends. Training classes are held after school and during school breaks and are available for teens 14 years of age and older.