STARS welcomes Hampton Inn Peoria as a new community employment partner of the STARS Employment First Initiative.



One of our retail neighbors – Paul’s Ace Hardware at 8449 E McDonald Drive, Scottsdaleis raising money for STARS!

During the month of September, customers making a purchase at this store will be asked to support STARS by “rounding up” their total purchase price to the nearest dollar. The round-up amount, plus an additional 10% of that amount, will be donated to STARS. This applies to all customer purchases made at the McDonald Drive.

Whether you need a light bulb, a garden rake, or spray paint for a patio table, consider shopping at Paul’s Ace Hardware on McDonald Drive. And ask your friends to shop there too!

Many thanks to Paul’s Ace Hardware and their loyal customers for supporting STARS mission to improve the lives of people with developmental disabilities!

Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are some of the most joyous people you can find anywhere. It is our mission to improve the quality of their lives through day programs, on-site work centers, community-based employment training opportunities, and transition programs for young adults. We provide a welcoming, inclusive environment for this underserved population of residents with programs and activities that focus on them and the things they love to do.

I believe the transition from GSE (Group Supported Employment) Program to the Employment 1st Initiative was a blessing in disguise; in that the new program allowed my brother to experience the entire job search process while being fully assisted by STARS. Prior to this experience, Brian had never applied to jobs, gone to an actual interview or experienced how much effort and energy it takes just looking for jobs. I could not be more thankful to STARS for providing my brother with this valuable life experience.