“My brother, Brian, has been fortunate enough to benefit from the resources provided through the STARS organization for almost 3 years now. STARS has been an incredibly valuable addition to Brian’s support system. It was obvious from our very first introduction to STARS that these people who work for this organization truly care about improving the lives of the participants.

Brian began his STARS journey as a participant in the GSE (Group Supported Employment) program. I could not have imagined a better work environment to help my brother gain the experience necessary to be more independent. From case management to on site job coaches, the communication has always been amazing. Every single STARS staff member who I have had the pleasure to interact with has shown that they have a deep desire to help.

The pandemic impacted Brian’s ability to retain employment in the GSE program, but the wonderful people at STARS were communicative about the changes and provided an alternative solution through the Employment 1st Initiative. I was so pleasantly surprised at the level of support and attention given to those participants displaced by the discontinuation of the GSE program.

I believe the transition from GSE to the Employment 1st Initiative was a blessing in disguise; in that the new program allowed my brother to experience the entire job search process while being fully assisted by STARS. Prior to this experience, Brian had never applied to jobs, gone to an actual interview or experienced how much effort and energy it takes just looking for jobs. I could not be more thankful to STARS for providing my brother with this valuable life experience.

Now Brian is employed at two part-time jobs with minimal job coach support. Throughout Brian’s employment journey with STARS, he has received various awards and everyday recognition, which have given him a valuable sense of self-worth on a level that he never really experienced before. I am so proud of all of Brian’s accomplishments, but I am equally appreciative of all of the hard work and commitment provided by the lovely people at STARS. My brother could not be as successful as he is today without the dedication and support from the STARS family.


Thank you for everything you do.”

Melanie – sister of participant Brian