When someone is eager to join the Arizona workforce but requires support due to cognitive or developmental challenges, STARS CommunityWork is ready to help them achieve their dream of securing a job that not only comes with a paycheck but also provides a meaningful day-to-day routine.  Join us for an eye-opening tour on the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 10-11am at the Osborn Campus to experience our CommunityWork program in action!

What to expect on a tour? During the CommunityWork tour, you’ll see how we work closely with both our community partners and participants, ensuring we get the job done. You’ll get a glimpse of the entire process, from intake to assembly, quality control, and back to our community partners. It’s a hands-on experience of how we operate together to achieve our goals.

Curious about the perks STARS can bring to your family member or business? Let’s explore the benefits together! Reach out to our Development Team at development@starsaz.org.

Transforming Lives

Through Meaningful Work

At the core of community support, collaborations between corporations and non-profits are the unsung heroes. One such heartwarming partnership is between STARS CommunityWork and Cox Enterprises. Together, they’ve created a space for participants to roll up their sleeves and breathe new life into remote controls, power cords, and cables. It’s not just a job; it’s a source of pride and purpose.

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