DTA Participants Forge Everlasting Memories at Mac Donald’s Ranch Pumpkin Patch

In a recent field trip, participants of the Day Training for Adults (DTA) program embarked on a journey to the enchanting Mac Donald’s Ranch Pumpkin Patch, nestled in North Scottsdale. This picturesque ranch held the promise of a day filled with laughter and discovery, presenting a range of activities tailored to delight each and every participant.

Embarking on an Adventure at Mac Donald’s Ranch:

  • Petting Zoo Extravaganza: The day kicked off with heartwarming encounters at the petting zoo, where participants forged connections with an array of farm animals.
  • Navigating the Hay Bale Maze: Amongst the rustic allure of the ranch, a maze crafted from golden hay bales presented an exhilarating challenge. Laughter and excitement reverberated through the maze as participants collaborated to find their way out.
  • Capturing Timeless Moments at Photo Areas: Scattered throughout the ranch were thoughtfully curated photo spots, beckoning participants for a photo.
  • Immersed in Corn Sensory Pools: A unique sensory delight awaited at the corn pools, where participants submerged their hands in a sea of golden kernels. This tactile experience brought smiles to their faces.

The day at Mac Donald’s Ranch Pumpkin Patch was more than just a visit. From the sweet moments at the petting zoo to the thrilling maze, each activity left a lasting impression. The STARS DTA program continues to create these special moments, enriching the lives of the participants and creating new memories