CommunityWork participants at the Osborn Campus posing with their baskets.











A wonderful way to start the Easter holiday weekend is by receiving a delightful Easter Basket from the Sonoran Centennial Chapter of the National Charity League. Those who took part in the Community Work and Adult Day Training For Adults (DTA) Programs were pleasantly surprised with Easter baskets brimming with all sorts of Easter treats.



The National Charity League emphasizes nurturing the bond between mothers and daughters while serving the community, promoting collaboration, teamwork, and a sense of direction. The Sonoran Centennial Chapter is particularly special because it is named after the Sonoran Desert’s beauty and uniqueness and is also the National Charity League, Inc.’s 100th chapter.

Here are 3 SWEET facts about Easter Baskets:

  • The first Easter baskets in the United States were made in the 1700s by German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania. They would create nests from woven straw or grass and fill them with decorated eggs and other goodies.
  • The Easter basket has become a popular gift-giving tradition, with children receiving baskets filled with candy, toys, and other treats on Easter morning.
  • In some countries, such as Germany, it’s common to decorate trees with Easter eggs and hang baskets of treats from the branches for children to find. This tradition is called the “Osterbaum,” which means Easter tree.