committed to pioneering employment services

through a diverse range of programs for individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities.

Our Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE) program prioritizes an individual-first approach, delivering top-notch, personalized services to empower and prepare each participant for independence and success in the workplace.

Our Community-Based Employment Support (CBE) program comprises two distinct programs that offer continuous support throughout the employment journey. The Independent Employment Support (ISE) program provides extensive assistance for the first year, with an optional second-year extension. Participants seamlessly transition from ISE to the Employment Support Aid (ESA) program, ensuring ongoing support without a predetermined end date. This seamless progression empowers STARS participants to cultivate positive work-related habits, attitudes, skills, and etiquette tailored to their specific employment needs. Many participants effortlessly enroll in the CBE program upon completing the CIE program, guaranteeing sustained support as they navigate the next phase of their employment journey. This transition represents a pivotal step toward continuous growth and success.

Meet three incredible individuals whose seamless entry into the workforce exemplifies the dedicated support provided by these two STARS programs.

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Erik G. is enjoying one of his favorite pastimes: chatting.

Especially about his job at Canteen Vending Service!

An admitted social butterfly, the 35-year-old professes to speaking extensively on various subjects, ranging from his best friends to professional wrestler John Cena. He especially enjoys talking about his job at Canteen Vending Service.

Since February 2021, Erik has been employed as a warehouse attendant at Canteen’s Phoenix branch, which touts itself as the largest vending and office coffee service and micro-market provider in Arizona. Canteen is also a STARS Champion.

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Matt loves a simple tune

and it amplifies his commitment to his work!

When STARS Job Placement Coach, Jessica “Jessie” G. used her musical skills of nearly 20 years to help her client succeed, a triumphant crescendo was heard. Matt B. sat up taller and became more invested in his job.

From October 2023 through the new year, Jessie worked closely with Matt as part of the STARS’ Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE) program.  This program, tailored for individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities, provides personalized vocational services with trained staff. Matt, diagnosed with functioning autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and a learning disability, secured a position as a service assistant at The Creek Patio Grill in Cave Creek.

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AJ’s future is rooted

among some of her favorite flowers!

Stacye B. has witnessed AJ’s remarkable growth among the beauty of Mother Nature’s flora. Serving as the assistant supervisor for STARS Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE), Stacye has been a supportive presence alongside AJ on her employment journey at Berridge Nurseries in Phoenix.

AJ, whose main job is watering the plants at the family-owned nursery, has functioning autism spectrum disorder (ASD), while also suffering from Tourette’s syndrome, as well as bouts of anxiety and depression. “It’s amazing to see her growth and accepting direction from people,” Stacye says. “I’m really very proud of her. It’s gratifying.”

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Join us on this inspiring journey as we showcase the triumphs of a handful of participants who have found success in the workplace. Their journey is a testament to their incredible abilities and the transformative power of meaningful work. Through their dedication, they are rewriting the narrative of what is possible, breaking down barriers, and reshaping perceptions.

This is a sampling of almost 100 stories of how STARS Employment Services is changing lives. Help support these hard working program participants and others forging their paths today.

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