Learn more about STARS continuous improvement plan below

“Fun fact: when I joined STARS in May of 2015, a segment of Osborn Road outside of the office was under construction. Not long after that project was completed, another one was started, then another, and another. It seemed as if this short stretch of pavement between Drinkwater and Miller Roads was the focus of a never-ending continuous improvement plan.

Until last month. With the completion of the roundabout at Miller Road, construction projects may now be at an end. What’s my reason for optimism? The fresh layer of pavement and newly painted lane lines. Let’s celebrate!

The experiences of these necessary infrastructure projects remind me of the continuous efforts of our talented and dedicated team members. We’re building a highway for the future, so that all roads leading to STARS will be free of barriers, potholes, and other navigational obstacles. We hope you enjoy the ride!”

– Dave Henderson, STARS President & CEO