As we prepare for Fiesta we would love to share your sentiments with others during the celebration. This Guest Book has been added for a limited time to provide opportunity for friends of STARS to share their past memories in preparation for STARS 50th Anniversary Fiesta on May 13th.

Whether you’ve been directly impacted by the organization or simply admire its mission, we would love to hear from you. Simply share your journey that led you to STARS and why it’s a memory you will cherish for a lifetime.  Then take a stroll down memory lane and see all the other memories and photos shared by others who have the same sentiment as you do.

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3 STARS memories on Guest Book

  1. My oldest daughter, Wendy Springborn, has been involved with Stars for many, many years. When my youngest daughter gave birth to Katelyn, who has Down Syndrome, in California and lived there for over twenty years, the family hoped that, at some point of time, they would move to Scottsdale so that Katie could be involved in the Osborn program. God answered our prayers and she has been employed there very successfully for a few years. This program has given her a meaningful job, a source of pride and confidence, a way to earn her own money. Thank you to one and all who are and have been involved in this wonderful program.

  2. Our family has been receiving in-home services for our daughter through HCBS for the past several months. This attendant care has given us some much needed relief for 3 evenings per week. They have also provided us with respite care allowing us to get away for a few days. Their Direct Support Providers are very well screened and trained and we feel confident having them care for our daughter in our home. This extra support has been very beneficial to our family.

  3. Jackson’s work ethic and dedication has been extraordinary… It is a joy to work with him and I look forward to seeing him each day. He has become part of the U-Haul family.
    – Marcia Chiariello, Building Management, Manager Operations at U-Haul International, Inc.