Job Carving Success with U-Haul

U-Haul has become an integral community partner with STARS. Their two towered headquarters in downtown Phoenix fondly known as the Central Towers and their multiple other corporate buildings provide a wonderful and supportive environment for our job seekers to work.

Marcia Chiariello, U-Haul Headquarters Operations Manager & Building Manager, has been amazing with Jackson S. She carved out a specific job as a part-time custodian to empty recycling bins and confidential shred bins in the two main U-Haul Central Towers.

She has been a great Manager and is always available when Jackson has questions. Marcia mentions how she has personally seen him grow in confidence and skills over the past few months.

When Jackson first started, his tasks included emptying the recycling bins and some light cleaning.  Through Marcia’s understanding and coaching he was able to swap out the cleaning task for emptying the shred bins task, which he prefers doing.

Marcia, as well as U-Haul, has shown respect, courtesy, and professionalism in Jackson’s job progression. U-Haul has made Jackson a definite part of their team.

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