Las Madrinas, “The Godmothers”

Pictured Left to Right Sitting: Ruth Talbott, Gwen Nemmers, Shirley Mulligan   Standing: Jane Stoss, Darlene Carlson, Kathy Stamadianos, Mary King, Linda Kearney

Las Madrinas’ commitment to helping the participants at STARS has been unwavering since its inception 50 years ago. Through their volunteer work and financial contributions, Las Madrinas has helped STARS expand its programs and services, providing crucial support for individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities in the community.

The Fiestas has been a vital fundraising event for the organization, allowing them to provide funding for STARS programs and services. For example in 1982, the funds raised at the Fiesta were used to build Villa de Las Madrinas, a residential live-in facility that provides a nurturing and supportive environment for its residents.

Today, Las Madrinas continues to support STARS. Their commitment to helping people with cognitive and developmental disabilities in the community remains strong, and their impact has been significant.

The lunch held at Rita’s Cantina at the JW Marriott Camelback Inn was a fitting tribute to the ladies of Las Madrinas and their legacy of service. It was an opportunity to reflect on the work that has been done and the impact it has had on the community. Las Madrinas has set an example for others to follow, demonstrating the importance of community involvement and the power of collective action in making a difference in the lives of those in need.

2023 Board Members present but not pictured: Marni Hirshman, Jennifer Alewelt, Katherine Clements and Suzette Gibson.