35.5% of revenue earned through AZ DES-DDD & AZ DES-VR rebase rates and private tuition.

9.4% of operating revenue earned from community business partners via center-based work contracts.

In-kind contributions (13.2%) are related to CDBG mortgage debt forgiveness and facility lease agreements.

15.6% of revenues are the result of fundraising initiatives that include special events, annual fund, and fundraising campaigns.

25.3% of revenues were derived from Covid-19 CARES Act support.


79.6% of operating expenditures are directly related to participant programming. The comparison of program revenue (above) to this associated expense illustrates the importance of, and dependency upon, other funding sources.

All other expenditures (20.4%) are related to ongoing administrative and development activities.

Source: Fiscal Year 2021 Audited Financials