Meet Marni: Board President FY22

How did you become familiar with STARS?
In 2015 I reconnected with an acquaintance, Anne Gray, who was heading up STARS’ Advancement Department. While on a tour of the facilities, Anne’s passion and excitement for the organization inspired me to get involved. I was working at Keller Williams Realty and, as a member of their outreach program, I was delighted when STARS became the recipient of “Day of Giving to the Community,” for two consecutive years. A portion of the funds were used to provide the Cholla Campus with a facelift.

How did your passion for STARS turn into a Board position?
In the summer of 2017, at Anne’s suggestion, I met with Dave and the Executive Board to discuss Board involvement. I was honored when an official acceptance onto the Board of Directors came in August. Due to my strong belief in STARS’ mission and vision combined with substantial volunteer experience, I knew this would be a great fit

What sets STARS apart from the other Valley nonprofits helping individuals with developmental disabilities? “STARS is particularly invested in helping individuals with developmental disabilities create a life of their own and become working adults in a community that welcomes them into the workplace. This work is a team effort between the organization and the business community at large. It warms my heart to see how this synergy benefits both the individual and their families. It is a priceless treasure for the parents or guardians of STARS participants to witness their adult children obtain a job that they love to do every day.”

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