Grace Anne Campbell

December 27, 2004 – December 31, 2020

Grace Campbell

On December 27, 2004, Grace Anne Campbell was born to ecstatic parents who saw her enter the world as a brown-eyed angel. Grace grew up as a beautiful curly-haired girl beaming with laughter and curiosity, dancing and twirling to her favorite songs, swimming regardless of temperature, telling jokes, testing cleaning products, running the bases, dressing up in gowns, chasing her dog, mapping her family tree, sneaking midnight snacks, naming her dolls and- ever the patriot, rarely missed an opportunity to sing "The Star Spangled Banner."

Her 16 years of life were surrounded in the enduring love of her parents and her remarkable and adoring brothers, Palmer (12) and Walker (8); spoiled with hugs, kisses and nurturing from her grandparents, Marcia and Andrew Meyer, Florita and Dr. James Campbell, and Les Wilson; and admired by the best aunt and uncles this curious soul could ask for in Anne and Dan Carlow and Scott Wilson. Grace was enveloped by encouragement from her pack of cousins, showered in adoration and acceptance from her extended family, and blossomed alongside her best friend Sonia Dax into an incredible young lady.

Grace benefited from the Scottsdale Unified School District’s special education program. Her persona took shape with the inclusive teaching guidance of Molly Henningsen, Mr. V., Jamie Patrick, Marjorie Richards and numerous paraprofessionals. Programs at CARD, STARS and SARRC harnessed her social skills, furthered her language development, and equipped her with behavioral skills that led to her making wonderful friends whom she lavished attention upon. Grace would regularly spend her school lunchtime seated at the cafeteria entrance greeting every student and faculty by name, and would end most days by saying, “Goodbye school, I love you.”

Grace was born with Kabuki Syndrome, a rare multisystem disorder that caused a congenital heart abnormality requiring valve replacement surgery as a newborn and again at age 14. Grace’s heart health benefited from the attentive medical expertise of cardiologist, Dr. John Stock and pediatrician, Dr. Kristin Struble and was supported by her admirers known affectionately as ‘Grace’s Groupies’ who proudly walked annually in the AHA Heart Walk.

Grace Campbell had a perfect soul, a riotous sense of humor, a dazzling mind, and an energetic independence. She could endear anyone with her barrage of telltale questions and would demonstrate pure joy when her favorite music was playing. She cherished her brothers and loved her family unconditionally. When she sensed anxiety, Grace would offer kisses on one’s arm as gentle reminders of her tender love. To know Grace was to be a student of humanity and to marvel at the creativity and complexity of the human mind and the body’s ability to radiate a unique and profound beauty from within.

In December 2020, Grace showed signs of illness and was taken to Phoenix Children’s Hospital where it was determined she was suffering from septic shock caused by endocarditis. Grace fought valiantly for weeks under the knowledgeable and tireless care of PCH’s compassionate nursing staff and steadfast, heroic doctors. Sadly, on the last day of that miserable year of 2020, the world lost a dearly beloved daughter, an irreplaceable sister and a beacon of pure honest hope to everyone she inspired. Grace will truly be missed, and her legacy will live on in the lessons she taught us of patient accepting love.

The family requests donation to be made to The Grace Campbell Foundation (www.gracecampbell.net/donate), dedicated for the benefit of those causes and groups which represent or provided care, love and joy throughout Grace’s life. – Provided By Hansen Desert Hills Mortuary and Memorial Park