Please be our guest at an important workshop to learn how to protect and provide for those with special needs.  This workshop is relevant for all ages and types of Developmental Disabilities.

Get answers to the questions that keep you up at night:
• What happens when I am no longer here? Who will care for my loved one and how do I make sure it’s who I want?
• What Government Benefits are available and how does my son or daughter qualify?
• I want to leave my child with more than just Social Security and AHCCCS (Medicaid), but if they have more than $2000 in their name, they lose both! How do I prevent that?
• What is a Special Needs Trust and how does it work? Do I also need a Family Trust and do I still need a Will? What is an A.B.L.E. Account?
• What happens when my child turns 18? What is Guardianship, and how do I get it?
• Plus much more that you will learn at this free workshop…

RSVP to allow enough materials for everyone attending by calling Meridian Special Needs Planning at 480-561-3906 or email info@meridiansnp.com.

Details: Date: Tuesday, July 12th | Time: 2 to 3:30 pm | Location: STARS Cholla Campus (11130 E Cholla St, Scottsdale, AZ 85259)

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About The Speaker: Cliff Shnier, JD, one of the founders of Meridian Special Needs Planning LLC, Phoenix, is the father of Jesse, a young man on the Autism spectrum. A former practicing attorney, Cliff obtained his financial licensing in 2014 and since then has helped over 150 families of individuals with special needs in Arizona, California, and Illinois.  Visit MeridianSNP.com to learn more about Meridian Special Needs Planning.