Ongoing Employment Support

Achieving maximum integration & inclusion in the community through employment.

Employment Support Aid (ESA) & Independent Employment Support (ISE) services provides reassurance to members that throughout their employment journey and careers in their life, they are not alone and have support in their workplace. They have security knowing they have access to competitive employment opportunities. Many of the members who have received ISE/ESA services through STARS have been able to develop positive work-related habits, attitudes, skills, and work etiquette directly related to their specific employment.

Program Highlights
STARS’ Job Coaches focus on creating and maintaining accommodations for members in their place of employment, assisting the member in maintain employment goals and becoming fully integrated in the workforce culture. Job Coaches are the liaison between members, managers, and their support system.

Success Story

“They help me talk to my managers. If there is anything wrong, my job coach is there. They are there if I have any questions.”
– Justin Beyda, ESA Participant

“Through all the change over the years, STARS has always made it important for Justin to know his job coach. Even with a weekly phone call so that Justin is more comfortable, and they get to know him personally. So, when there is an issue that arises at work, he feels stable going to the job coach for help.”
- Charlyce Beyda, Justin’s Mother

When you hand good people possibility, they do great things.

Services are offered to those who are DDD eligible or families interested in a private pay option.  To learn more contact: Henriette Content-Tavor, Director of HCBS Programs