Our Board of Directors are critical to STARS continued success. Their leadership, advocacy and guidance is invaluable, and we appreciate their support of STARS and its mission.

If interested in becoming a Director, send an email to Marni Hirshman, Board Chair, at BoardChair@starsaz.org Please include your contact information.

Top Row: Marni Hirshman, Lisa Ehlenberger, Mickey Price, Jennifer Alewelt

Middle Row: Jonathan Brooks, David Henderson, Joe Iturri, Mary King

Bottom Row: Joe Leduc, Jeremy Minson, Dennis Park, Pamela Witte

Not pictured: Jeffrey Cohen

Board Officers

Marni Hirshman
My Home Group

Vice Chair
Lisa Ehlenberger
Mesa Public Schools

Jennifer Alewelt
Alewelt Law & Consulting, PLLC

Mickey Price
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church

Past Chair
Joe Iturri
Saguaro Scottsdale

David Henderson
Chief Executive Officer


Board Documents (Password Protected)


Dennis Park
DPH Hospitality

Jason Malcolm

Jeffrey Cohen
JS Cohen Law

Jeremy Minson
NFM Lending

Joe Leduc
City of Scottsdale Police Department

Jonathan Brooks
Udall Shumway, PLC

Katherine Clements
Spear Education

Mary King

Pamela Witte
Pure Insurance