Finally, I want to share my excitement for our other newly launched program: CIE – or competitive integrated employment. CIE practices the employment-first model, wherein a jobseeker is first hired, and then receives on-the-job training from a STARS job placement coordinator. Since the launch of CIE a little over 18 months ago, dozens of jobseekers with I/DD have gained meaningful employment at more than 30 valley-wide business establishments. We’re grateful for the support of our community employment partners!

Program Highlights

Individuals feel the dignity that arises from gainful employment along with fair wages with benefits. Families see their loved ones in a fully competent role in the workplace. This program is designed to help support individuals of the legal working age living with disabilities in:
* Job Exploration & Searching
* Resume Writing
* Interviewing Skills
* 1 on 1 On-site Training Support

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Success Story

Josh is a young man that came to STARS with no job experience. He was paired with a STARS Job Placement Coach, Lisa, who helped him to gain confidence and an understanding of his interests, skills and what type of job he may find success in. With her support, he applied and was hired at a Chick-fil-A working in the kitchen.

Josh was nervous his first day, but STARS on-site Job Placement Coach, Bridget, helped him to stay focused and calm while learning his job duties of packaging cookies, washing dishes, and sweeping the kitchen area. Josh’s bravery in learning new skills and working towards independence has helped him to become a valuable part of the Chick-fil-A team.