DTA Participants Had A Hands-On Experience with Special Reptiles At The PHS

In a recent field trip, participants in the Day Training for Adults (DTA) program got to hang out with turtles and other cool reptiles at the Phoenix Herpetological Sanctuary!  It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many participants, and they learned a ton about conservation and how to take care of these creatures.

The participants got a sneak peek behind the scenes of how the sanctuary helps endangered species. From the elusive desert tortoise to the majestic Gila monster, each animal has its own story, and the sanctuary is doing its best to make sure they stick around for generations to come.

They also learned a bunch about how to look after reptiles in their natural habitat, from the right temperature to making sure they have the right home.

All in all, this field trip was fascinating and really hit home the importance of protecting our planet’s amazing wildlife.