In November, the spirit of gratitude fills the air, and at STARS, we find ourselves overwhelmed with thankfulness. This month’s Shooting Star eNewsletter merely scratches the surface of the numerous blessings we’re counting. As we approach the close of 2023 and enter the season of giving, we’re excited to present various ways you can express your love and support for our beloved STARS.

One exciting initiative we’ve launched is the monthly campus tours. Please join us at our Osborn campus tour on #GivingTuesday, November 28th, at 8:30am. It’s a fantastic opportunity to witness STARS in action and get a firsthand look at the positive impact we’re making.

Of course, your generous end-of-year donations are always warmly welcomed and deeply appreciated. Living in a state that offers the AZ Tax Credit is an additional perk. By taking advantage of this credit, you can receive up to a $421 tax deduction for a single filer or up to a $841 tax deduction for a couple. This ensures that your Arizona tax dollars contribute meaningfully to enhancing the lives of those connected with STARS.

As always, thank you for considering these opportunities to support our mission.

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STARS was thrilled to take part in the annual Scottsdale Charros Community Celebration event on November 15th.  Each year, the Scottsdale Charros honors its grant recipients for their outstanding work in our community.

More than 100 local organizations benefit from the Charros’ grants, which were all made possible by generous supporters who participate in spring training baseball and other fundraising activities.  STARS had the chance to visit with other non-profits and with members of the Scottsdale Charros.

The newest member of the Development team, Development Coordinator Baylee Lane, had the chance to confer with police dog Rocket, a proud member of the Scottsdale Police force.  Thank you again to the generosity of the Scottsdale Charros.

This month STARS took delivery of two new transport vehicles made possible through the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Section 5310 grant program for the Phoenix-Mesa Urbanized Area.

These are state-of-the-art vehicles equipped with the newest in safety features ensuring both the comfort and the security of our daily riders via our program participants and STARS Rides.

Thank you to The Maricopa Association of Governments and to the City of Phoenix Public Transit Department!

In a recent field trip, participants in the Day Training for Adults (DTA) program got to hang out with turtles and other cool reptiles at the Phoenix Herpetological Sanctuary!  It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many participants, and they learned a ton about conservation and how to take care of these creatures.

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Christopher R., an enthusiastic participant in the CommunityWork program and Beth McDonald’s #1 fan, had the incredible opportunity to meet her in person!

Heartfelt appreciation goes out to the 99.9 KEZ Phoenix crew; Beth McDonald, Carrie Diekmann, “Mountain Man” Jay Yaconetti, and Andrew Babinski.

Special thanks to Dianne Nesbit (STARS Job Placement Coordinator) as well as Eddie Traylor and Richard Traylor. An extra special shoutout to Lin Sue Flood for her invaluable connections that made this memorable meeting possible.

Tom Kowalczyk and Kris Chilvers (and Jason Streichmann – not pictured) conjured up a hauntingly sweet surprise with a batch of Voodoo Doughnuts, spreading grateful vibes across the Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) offices in Maricopa County.

The VR Program is a state service designed to support individuals with disabilities in their journey towards employment. The Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE) program offers employment opportunities for those navigating the VR program.

It was their way of thanking the amazing contributors to STARS who’ve made the CIE program a spellbinding success!

Join us for an eye-opening tour! Visit the Osborn Campus to witness our participants dedication to their job through the CommunityWork program.