Cox Thanks It's Partners

At the core of community support, collaborations between corporations and non-profits are the unsung heroes. One such heartwarming partnership is between STARS CommunityWork and Cox Enterprises. Together, they’ve created a space for participants to roll up their sleeves and breathe new life into remote controls, power cords, and cables. It’s not just a job; it’s a source of pride and purpose.  

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Building Our “Brag Wall”

Our Osborn Campus has undergone a fantastic lobby facelift! Not only does it now serve as a welcoming beacon for visitors, but it also houses a curated collection of framed memorabilia. These pieces narrate the rich history of STARS and vividly showcase the profound impact we’ve made over the past five decades.

This is just the beginning of our ‘brag wall.’ We’re committed to adding even more noteworthy items that show the continuing evolution of the STARS mission.

STARS is thrilled to share that it is the recipient of $7,000 from The Charro Foundation and CHAPS Charities.

The Scottsdale Charros is a 60-year-old philanthropic organization of lifetime volunteers who work in partnership with business and civic leaders to raise funds to support Scottsdale’s youth, education, and economy, while preserving the city’s western heritage.

As part of its commitment to improving the lives of youth in Scottsdale, The Charro Foundation created CHAPS (Child Assistance Program Sponsor) Charities to raise money through the Arizona state tax credit program.

In a recent field trip, participants of the Day Training for Adults (DTA) program embarked on a journey to the enchanting Mac Donald’s Ranch Pumpkin Patch, nestled in North Scottsdale. This picturesque ranch held the promise of a day filled with laughter and discovery, presenting a range of activities tailored to delight each and every participant.

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Join us for an eye-opening tour! Visit the Osborn Campus to witness our participants dedication to their job through the CommunityWork program.