Fun fact: when I joined STARS in May of 2015, a segment of Osborn Road outside of the office was under construction. Not long after that project was completed, another one was started, then another, and another. It seemed as if this short stretch of pavement between Drinkwater and Miller Roads was the focus of a never-ending continuous improvement plan.

Until last month. With the completion of the roundabout at Miller Road, construction projects may now be at an end. What’s my reason for optimism? The fresh layer of pavement and newly painted lane lines. Let’s celebrate!

The experiences of these necessary infrastructure projects remind me of the continuous efforts of our talented and dedicated team members. We’re building a highway for the future, so that all roads leading to STARS will be free of barriers, potholes, and other navigational obstacles. We hope you enjoy the ride!

Learn more about STARS continuous improvement plan at: Make Way for a Brighter Future!

Warm Regards,
Dave Henderson, President & CEO

STARS Rides offers vulnerable folks residing in Scottsdale an affordable and reliable transportation partner. Services are available to Scottsdale residents age 65+ and people with disabilities (who are ADA-certified) enrolled in the city’s Cab Connection Voucher Program. These individuals can schedule rides with STARS to and from the Wheels to Meals program, dialysis, and medical appointments. Passengers in need of a ride can use their respective pink vouchers when booking travel to and from senior centers or blue vouchers toward their trips to doctors’ appointments.





STARS was honored to participate in SRP’s Power of Pledges luncheon held at the Pera Club in Tempe. STARS was one of just a handful of organizations invited from over 250 eligible organizations throughout the Valley. Thank you again to the Salt River Project Boosters, SRP employees, our long-term friends at the SRP Foundation, and to all who make a difference in the Arizona community.

Summer Fun Water Day

Let’s rewind to the awesome Day Training For Adults (DTA) Summer Fun Water Day! Everyone had a blast splashing around in the cool water and diving into all the fun water activities.

STARS is delighted to announce that it has received a $100,000 grant from the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community for 2024!

We have enjoyed a strong and abiding relationship with the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community for over 10 years. The Community generously supported our youth programming for a number of years and, in 2021, became a visionary funder of our Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE) program. Since its establishment in 2020, CIE has placed over 80 adults with developmental and cognitive disabilities in independent jobs in over 40 Valley businesses. In 2024, we project we will place 50 more!


Join us for an eye-opening tour! Visit the Osborn Campus to witness our participants dedication to their job through the CommunityWork program.