AJ’s future is rooted

among some of her favorite flowers!

Stacye B. has witnessed AJ’s remarkable growth among the beauty of Mother Nature’s flora. Serving as the assistant supervisor for STARS Competitive Integrated Employment program (CIE), Stacye has been a supportive presence alongside AJ on her employment journey at Berridge Nurseries in Phoenix.

AJ, whose main job is watering the plants at the family-owned nursery, has functioning autism spectrum disorder (ASD), while also suffering from Tourette’s syndrome, as well as bouts of anxiety and depression. “It’s amazing to see her growth and accepting direction from people,” Stacye says. “I’m really very proud of her. It’s gratifying.”

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Arizona residents, it’s not too late to choose where your tax dollars help impact your community.

Donations made to STARS now through April 15 are eligible for a dollar for dollar match as part of your 2023 AZ State Tax Credit.  Single Filers claim up to $421 & Joint Filers claim up to $841.

STARS is delighted to announce that it, along with Helping Hands for Single Moms, is the beneficiary of Paradise Valley United Methodist Church‘s Special Easter Offering this year.

If you would like to make a donation, please visit the link below, select “Give One Time”, and then select “Easter Mission” from the drop-down menu.

Thank you again to all the staff, leaders, and members of the Paradise Valley United Methodist Church for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

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We love it when our parents and guardians join us for a tour of the CommunityWork facility.

We recently had the honor of hosting Eddie and Richard T., guardians for our long-time participant Christopher R. Christopher has worked at STARS for 31 years now and plans to be here for another 30 years – unless he can work from home in his pajamas.

Eddie stated that “STARS has had a major impact on [Chris’s] life – he loves it here. He’s never going to retire.” Thank you to Eddie, Richard, Chris, and all of the participants who help to enrich the Arizona community daily.

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CommunityWork Participants On The Scene

Participants celebrate Valentine’s Day with a sweet break, enjoying each other’s company. Thanks to our generous donors for providing goodies for participants and staff.


Ross V. is managing the STARS parking lot during a SF Giants Spring Training game. In March, the STARS parking lot transforms into a convenient space for baseball fans during weekend games. If you’re attending a game in the upcoming weekends at Scottsdale Stadium, be sure to drop by and give a high-five to the STARS participant assisting that day!