On March 30th, a group of dedicated and intrepid volunteers from Cox Communications visited our CommunityWork facility on Osborn Road and gave our primary workspace two fresh coats of much-needed paint. The impact that a bright and inviting environment has on our participants cannot be overstated.

The best part is that this workspace is used to refurbish and repackage hardware for – you guessed it – Cox Communications!

Thanks again to Cox volunteers Kathy Floyd, Dave Floyd, Shawn O’Neal, Connor O’Neal, Jennifer McCarty, Chris Koenig, Gabby Peterson, Rosie Garcia, Matt Bunn and Scott Kiker.

An enormous thank you to Rinku Sarkar, Laurie Sunderman, Jo Zizzo, Jordan Curry, Utannah Renoj, Kris Chilvers, Rae Buck, Justin MacGregor and especially Cesar Oliveira from STARS without whose preparation, planning and participation this event would not have been possible.