Center - Based Employment

Achieving maximum fulfillment through a stable, wage-earning job.

When a person with disabilities is looking to gain vocational skills but may not be ready for jobs in the community, STARS Work Center is a great place to start.

STARS Work Center is honored to currently have three main employment partners in COX, Abbott Medical, & Hospice of the Valley. Between these three local companies we have a menu of roughly 50 different jobs that we can use as training opportunities for our participants. Jobs like cleaning remotes and cables for redistribution with COX, which takes an eye for detail. Cleaning the jigs that hold microchips for pacemakers with Abbott Medical, which takes dexterity and finesse. Or putting together welcome packets for Hospice of the Valley, an assembly style task that takes patience and accuracy.

It is through the work we receive from these great companies that we can help our participants grow, earn a wage, and learn vocational skills. STARS work center is a place where everyone can work and get that feeling of accomplishment one receives when contributing to a team.

When good people are empowered with possibilities, it’s their opportunity to shine.

Services are offered to those with a developmental or physical disability who are DDD eligible or families interested in a private pay option.  To learn more about HCBS Programs contact Henriette Content-Tavor, Director of HCBS Programs: hcontent-tavor@starsaz.org.