Day Training For Adults

(DTA Program)

The Day Training For Adults (DTA) Program, takes place at our Cholla Campus. The schedule is filled with beneficial and fun ways to achieve daily life and social skill training along with weekly specials such as music, fitness, art, and virtual exploring all while maintaining social interaction.

Each classroom is equipped with Smartboards that really allow us to take the curriculum to another level. While using Google Classroom, Boom Cards and other digital resources, the Smartboards encourages our participants to be hands on while interacting with the lesson plans in a way they have not been able to before.

We also have a beautiful, roomy campus to enjoy physical fitness, recreational activities and lunches.

The DTA Program is where our participants can be themselves, socialize with peers and accomplish personal and group goals.

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DTA Skills Training

Project Management From Start To Finish

DTA Skills Training is a service within the Day Training For Adults (DTA) program. Participant teams focus on identifying/developing individual skills and talents to implement team projects from start to finish. They expand teamwork skills in communication and cooperation to engage in research, design, development, and marketing.

Training includes growing and selling produce from our greenhouse, developing STARS radio/podcast show, interviewing for the Shooting STAR newsletter, creating and selling jewelry, knitting, creative arts, baking, and more. The program is designed for students post-graduation or adults with previous employment experience but needs to tweak more (social) skills.

Opportunities to transition from the DTA Skills Training into Employment Services are possible but are not necessarily the goal.

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