Day Training For Adults (DTA)

Fun days filled with rewarding ways to achieve life and social skills training.

The Day Training For Adults (DTA) Program is where our participants can be themselves, socialize with peers and accomplish personal and group goals. We also have a beautiful, spacious campus to enjoy physical fitness, recreational activities and lunches.

Program Highlights

Our trained instructors work within the skill sets of each participant’s individual abilities to encourage and support them in becoming as self-reliant as possible, while emphasizing vocational abilities paired with short and long term goals.  We offer countless opportunities to develop skills to tap into each person’s creativity through programming focused on:
 * Creative Arts
 * Physical Fitness
 * Gardening
 * Community Integration in a Safe & Structured Environment
 * Virtual Exploring through Smartboards
 * Vocational Training as part of the Curriculum
 * Social & Life Skills Training

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"Our son Dewey, who is 37, is non-verbal but definitely makes his likes and dislikes known. He actually looks forward to getting up and leaving the house in the morning. Dewey receives excellent care from a team of compassionate, caring individuals. We can load him into their van in the morning with confidence knowing he will arrive safely at the STARS Program. We would recommend STARS to anyone looking for a fun, safe, caring, Adult Day Program for their loved one with special needs. Thank you STARS!"
– Monica C.

Pre-Vocational Learning Project

The $20,000 generously donated by STARS Partner The Charro Foundation will help us deliver a Pre-Vocational Learning Project to our Day Training For Adults (DTA) participants.

For recent high school graduates with developmental disabilities, DTA serves as their next step after they can no longer benefit from a school district’s special education curriculum. With this generous grant, the Pre-Vocational Learning Project will create an additional learning opportunity within the current DTA curriculum to educate participants on how to explore the various employment options available to them.

Participants in this project will have the opportunity to learn how to identify and determine their vocational interests.  This program, in conjunction with the current DTA curriculum, will help participants continue to foster individual growth, confidence and community integration.

DTA Skills Training

Project Management From Start To Finish

DTA Skills Training is a service within the Day Training For Adults (DTA) program. Participant teams focus on identifying/developing individual skills and talents to implement team projects from start to finish. They expand teamwork skills in communication and cooperation to engage in research, design, development, and marketing.

Training includes growing and selling produce from our greenhouse, developing STARS radio/podcast show, interviewing for the Shooting STAR newsletter, creating and selling jewelry, knitting, creative arts, baking, and more. The program is designed for students post-graduation or adults with previous employment experience but needs to tweak more (social) skills.

When good people are empowered with possibilities,
it’s their opportunity to shine.

Services are offered to those with a developmental or physical disability who are DDD eligible or families interested in a private pay option.

To learn more contact Henriette Content-Tavor, Director of HCBS Programs: hcontent-tavor@starsaz.org.

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