Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE)

Paid job training in an integrated setting.

CIE is designed to help our job seekers find jobs that interest them. First we figure out their interests and then we help them apply for jobs with those interests in mind. This helps give the job seeker a choice and enthusiasm about the employment opportunities that fit them best.

We do this by providing job training for qualified individuals with the goal of placing them in a more challenging, community-based employment opportunity. Through careful and caring supervision in a protected work environment, our trained staff helps develop and teach meaningful employment-related activities. We work with individuals to develop real-life, vocational skills such as hygiene, punctuality, supervisory & peer relationships, job interviewing and work etiquette. This initiative is designed to build confidence and help participants obtain and retain an independent position. Employers who utilize this initiative will help decrease turnover and gain highly trained and committed employees, and long-term support services for an employed individual.

How to Become a CIE Partner

STARS community partners provide job placement opportunities within their organizations.

Benefits of hiring a STARS participant:

  1. Participants excel at performing repetitive tasks that can contribute to excessive turnover
  2. Participants take their job seriously and are loyal and committed
  3. Participants don’t use their smartphone during work hours

To learn how to become a STARS community partner or more about the program, please contact: Tom Kowalczyk, Employment Services Manager.

Community-Based Programs

From job training to job placement to very proud participants.

STARS staff is trained in developing and teaching meaningful employment-related activities such as hygiene, punctuality, supervisory & peer relationships, job interviewing and work etiquette. This program focuses on specific vocational job responsibilities and tasks that an individual will be required to perform during their workday. Participants receive job skills training in an integrated community setting and are assigned professional job coaches who provide mentoring during their shifts. We also train individuals how to navigate social and work-related interactions in our community. Once employed, STARS continues to work closely with the individual to ensure a successful and enjoyable experience and provide long-term, ongoing support services.

Meet the team who go above and beyond to ensure our participants are working in jobs that they love.

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