Our Mission:

To improve the lives of individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities.

Our Vision:

Provide exemplary programs with measurable outcomes that focus on individualized achievement, offer supplemental support for participant families, while furthering the career development of STARS employees.

Forging Paths, Impacting Futures:

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Why individuals choose STARS

STARS has a proud legacy of care and commitment to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

When you walk through our front doors, you are embraced by a safe, comfortable and controlled environment.  You will find lots of laughing and collaboration.  Participants stay busy with classes that encourage them to express themselves creatively and learn new life skills in art, music, movement and through community field trips.  STARS also works with participants to develop real-world job skills and helps places them in jobs with our community partners.  Families entrust STARS with the well-being of their loved ones and it is a role we take very seriously.  We recognize and values the potential of each participant, and we strive to build life-changing experiences that last for decades.

Why families remain at STARS

We become a lifelong friend and second family to our participants.

We make life easy for families and loved ones.  Routine and familiarity are important to establishing trust and creating more fulfilling lives for our participants.  Yes, participants learn new skills here, but they also develop new friendships and confidence in themselves.  Life can be stressful and logistically difficult when you have a loved one who has developmental and cognitive disabilities.  We work closely with families and their schedules to alleviate stress and instill confidence in the work we do.  Our goal is to become a second home for participants through an enriching experience that treats them as valuable members of our STARS family.

Why the Community Supports STARS

A Scottsdale gem that is quickly becoming a metro-Phoenix gem.

Located in Scottsdale, STARS has had the support of our community from the beginning.  Through responsible stewardship, a dedication to service and a legacy of respect, STARS has become a shining example of what can be accomplished when good minds and big hearts come together.  We provide a valuable service to our community.  More importantly, we provide a valuable service to families and their loved ones.  There are not many organizations in metro Phoenix with the experience, resources and accreditation to holistically serve individuals with developmental and cognitive disabilities.  We are proud to provide opportunities for life change through individual skill development, and grateful for the ongoing support of our community.

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