You can donate any time of year or help support STARS during one of our annual campaigns and fundraising events. The need for generous philanthropic support continues to grow in response to declines in state funding for programs such as ours. Annual donations through the Arizona tax credit is a valuable way for AZ residents to contribute to qualified charitable organizations. Our all-volunteer Board of Directors ensures sound financial management practices.


We fondly remember those who have passed away in 2020

Hank Tufte | Di Maria Candelaria | Diane Barringer | Grace Campbell

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Hear what our parents have to say about STARS! “STARS is a lifeline for families like mine.” Will Humble-Parent | “STARS is accepting of my son for who he is.” Susie Fowls-Parent  | “STARS is committed to our participants & providing them with meaningful opportunities.” Parent

Thank you for supporting STARS and our wonderful programs we offer our participants each and every day.


Tax Credit Campaign

November - April 15

The Tax Credit Campaign is an opportunity to reduce you AZ State Tax Liability with a DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR CREDIT by donating to STARS – a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

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STARS COVID-19 Relief Fund

A recurring donation of $10/month will provide relief to offset fixed expenses during this challenging time.

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Other Opportunites To Give...

Monetary donations are welcomed and honored throughout the year.

Annual state-wide day of support for nonprofits
April 6, 2021


Annual National day of support for nonprofits
Tuesday after Thanksgiving | Tuesday November 30, 2021