Valentine’s Day is a holiday we love to celebrate at STARS!  Each year the CommunityWork and Adult DTA Programs participants exchange cards and candy and have a grand time during the exchange.   This year was super special as the ladies of the National Charity League – Sonoran Centennial Chapter provided the goodies. 

The National Charity League’s focus on fostering the mother-daughter relationship while serving the community is a great way to encourage teamwork, cooperation, and a sense of purpose. The Sonoran Centennial Chapter is a cherished one because it’s named after the beauty and uniqueness of the Sonoran Desert and also being the 100th chapter formed in the National Charity League, Inc. organization.

The Valentine’s Day exchange was a great success, and it’s lovely to see the community coming together to celebrate and spread joy.

Fun Fact: The tradition of giving candy on Valentine’s Day, it is believed to have originated in the 19th century, when Richard Cadbury, a British chocolatier, began producing and selling heart-shaped boxes of chocolates as a Valentine’s Day gift. This became a popular gift option, and over time, the tradition of giving candy on Valentine’s Day has continued.